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Terms and conditions for founding members of Plandail. Initial date of issue: 18 July 2022.

1. “Plandail” is Plandail Limited, a limited liability company, registered in Ireland, registration number 686620, having its registered office at 46 St Mary’s Road, Midleton. Cork, P25KX56, Ireland.

2. “Regovern”, “Plandail Crowdfunding” and “Plandail ESG Crowdfunding” are trade names or services used by Plandail.

3. “Plandail community”, “community” or “the community” is a group of parties from the general public having expressed explicit interest in the activities of Plandail in the broadest sense.

4. “Founding Members” is a select group of early community members. The “Founding member” campaign is launched on various social media platforms.

5. 1. A “Founding Member” gets

  1. Early access to the Plandail crowdfunding app

  2. Early access to the Plandail community app

  3. Free membership to the impact startup pre-sale investors deal room

  4. First access to Plandail’s pre-sale.

    2.To become a founding member one must:

  1. Sign up at the indicated form

  2. Be an active community member

  3. Comply with the instructions stipulated

    3. Becoming a founding member is free of charge.

    4. As Plandail is an early stage company, the under 5.1 stipulated services are perks, not guaranteed rights, because Plandail might be obliged to change the perks for business or regulatory reasons.

6. The amount of “Founding members” is set at 1000 (one thousand). Plandail may increase the number of founding members upon its discretion. 

7. “Founding membership” should in no way be interpreted as any form of public offering of equity, but merely as a perk to get early access such an offering if it were to be held.

8. The laws of the Republic of Ireland apply to these conditions. Any dispute shall be resolved first through arbitration.

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