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Trrue Chain Powered by Trrue Coin 
The Financial Impact  Ecosystem

Trrue Chain 

Provides a specialised layer 1 blockchain protocol for the Solutions, with a proprietary currency Trrue Coin, [TRC].


Investment Platform

Raise funds for or invest in RWA Impact projects, and connect with a global community of RWA impact investors.



TrrueGovern Framework

Deploys multi-chain infrastructure for equity tokenisation, onboarding, and ESG reporting.



Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Agent

Offers on-chain, verified credentials for a wide range of Impact projects and associated metrics.




Analyses a range of corporate data sources and assesses the risk of ESG verified credentials.

Trrue Chain

Trrue Chain is a Layer 1 RWA Blockchain Protocol.

Built with
Polkadot Substrate, enabling interoperability between blockchains. Trrue infrastructure bridges traditional financial markets with the entire Web3 landscape.

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Trrue Coin
Stake, Vote and Earn with TRC.

Building Trrue Community with Trrue Coin!
Have a say on the projects of the future to invest in.
Support Trrue innovators. TRC enables a discount on Trrue all Solutions fees including P2P market.
Embrace the future with our seed sale!

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Partnered & Collaborators with:

Team Experience & Background:

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"One of 13 firms and 15 regulators that have been working together, using the permanent Digital Sandbox to develop a tool or solution that could help regulators, or the market, more effectively tackle or mitigate the risks of greenwashing in financial services."

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