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TrrueCoin Seed Round Pre-Registration Application


Trrue Coin Sale Details

Seed round price is $0.04 discounted 60%  - selling up to 10,000,000 tokens at that price (to raise $400k)

TRC Round Prices


Public price      1 TRC - $0.10

Pre-Sale             1 TRC - $0.08

Private                 1 TRC - $0.06

Seed (SAFT)      1 TRC - $0.04

Please fill out this form carefully, there is only a limited amount of places available any errors may delay your application.


Once completed we will email you further details on how to complete the purchase

This is pre-registration only, no allocation is confirmed until your payment is received.


Vesting Schedule:

2% is released on TGE  -

The remaining 98% will be locked for a period of 6 months.

 Released in equal monthly tranches over a period of 18 months.


A SAFT is a "Simple Agreement for Future Tokens" and is the earliest possible round to purchase Trrue Coin. Please make sure you fully understand and review this agreement. SAFT Review here.

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